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USA Headquarters

505 W 8th Avenue, Suite 16

Mesa, AZ 85210.


Phone: (480) 525-3241

Fax: (888) 599-0831




Corporate Headquarters

4th Floor, Airport Industrial Park Business Center,

No.35 Changjiang South Road, New District,

Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China


Phone: +86 13909840703

About China Herb Group Holdings Corporation


China Herb Group Holdings Corporation (CHGH) is a professional investment management CEO health clubs, hotels and other high-end mainstream Guild Member strategic investment company. It is designed to provide high-end merchants, aristocratic elite, successful experience Jinling health and quality of life.

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Dr Kiril Pandelisev

505 W 8th Avenue, Ste 16

Mesa, AZ 85210


Direct Line: 480.519-5423

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